Mirage, Guild Memory Album Video Edit

In 2002, the EQ guild Mirage created a flash video of their in-game memories and exploits. It is linked here:

Skater Gnome Edit

From the wikia: "Skater Gnome was a series of humorous stories placed on the Castersrealm website during Everquest's prominent years. They are written in very stereotypical gamer talk from the time and about a newbie who just started EQ and has no idea what is going on. A few of the stories evolve around the Skater Gnome character's player in real life."

Something Awful pranks Edit

Fansy the Bard Edit

Fansy the Bard was a comedy website about a particular individual who insisted on being good in a world of evil. A long read, but possibly the most famous comedy, gimmick character to come out of early EQ.