Cochy, Assassin, Butcherblock/Nektulos/Unrest ServerEdit

Memorable Stories (EQ2) Edit

  • Permafrost

First contested I ever killed was Vision of Vox.

  • Thundering Steppes

The Thundering Steps were the great unknown to a new character who was stuck killing scarecrows in Antonica. I wanted to get to TS and when I finally got there it just seemed huge with mobs that conned red and would kill me instantly.

  • The Feerott

I saw Genesis of Highkeep kill Vaz'Gok and from that moment I knew I wanted to be a top end raider. 

  • Qeynos

EQ2 was the first MMO I ever played, I was playing around in the newbie zones trying to figure out everything. The game seemed huge and everything was new.